Feasibility study for the prognosis of contacts in cinemas

WerbeWeischer is a company which sells media time in cinemas. Experts from WerbeWeischer try to predict the turnout of visitors. In this study, HITeC examined if and how the predictions of turnout for movies can be improved by taking into account additional data as well as scientific estimation methods.

In the course of this project, a prognosis system was designed, and a prototype was implemented using the programming language R. After a suitable discretisation of attribute variables, archived data were transformed into a Bayesian network which could predict the expected turnout for movies with any combination of characteristics. Predictions based on data gathered from 2745 movies as well as other necessary variables (e.g. comments in social networks) produced satisfactory results.

During the 2016 term, the prototype was handed over to WerbeWeischer

Cooperation partner: WerbeWeischer GmbH & Co. KG