University Ball

With its 19 state-approved and several private higher-learning institutions, Hamburg has a distinguished science infrastructure. Nevertheless, Hamburg is still not considered a major science location. Politicians as well as the Alumni Association of the University of Hamburg want to change this, which one reason is why the University Ball was introduced in 2013.

The University Ball is supposed to provide a public forum for the university to make research and scientific advances more visible for everyone in the city. The ball sets the societal stage for active and retired university members as well as high profile guests from science, politics and economy and Hamburg citizens to stay in contact. The side show usually involves a personal greeting by the president of the University of Hamburg as well as the presentation of current research topics and student projects.

2016 Hamburg’s second mayor and science senator took over patronage of the ball. Guest country Korea managed to excite with a fashion show. For the second time now, the University Ball was hosted in cooperation with HITeC.

Staff: Kai Kiehn, Evelyn Staske, Regine Rega-Lindner, Dr. Andraes Günter

Cooperation partners:

  • Alumni Association University of Hamburg
  • University of Hamburg