Sensory examination of the influence of terroirs onto wines

This project examines the influence of geological, agrological, topographical and climatical factors, as well as cultural, viticultural and oenological methods, on the chemical and sensory properties of Riesling wines from selected Luxembourg vineyards. The question is, whether different vineyard-areas (terroirs) at the Mosel in Luxembourg can be distinguished and characterised in regard to the properties of grapes and wines.

The following aspects were looked into in different work groups:

  • Geography, topography and microclimate of different terroirs and their influence on the type of wine
  • Chemical properties in must and wine that are influenced by terroir
  • Sensory properties in wine that are influenced by terroir
  • Influence of cultivation parameters onto the terroir development
  • Influence of the terroir onto decay of the grapes
  • Influence of the harvest’s ripeness state onto terroir development

Cooperation partners:

  • Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Belveaux, Luxembourg
  • Institut Viti-Vinicole, Remich, Luxembourg
  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences