RoboCup workgroup – Hamburg Bit-Bots

Since 2012, teaming up as “Hamburg Bit-Bots”, the RoboCup workgroup participates in the international science competition “RoboCup”. The competition aims to advance the development in robotics. By tackling incremental problems, RoboCup teams aim to have robots playing at a near-human level in their respective leagues by 2050. The competitions offer possibilities for mutual exchange and comparison of results, and provide an incentive for further developments. The Hamburg Bit-Bots are competing in the Humanoid Kid-Sized League.


The team managed to qualify to each year for the world championship since 2012. This year the competition took place in Montreal (Canada) and the team reached the fourth place. Furthermore, the team managed to participate in the German championship each year. Since 2014, it also participates in the IranOpen which take place yearly in Teheran.

Cooperation partner: RoboCup AG „Hamburg Bit-Bots”

Link: Hamburg Bit-Bots

Beyond the competitions there are many additional initiatives to increase popularity and publicity of RoboCup, in order to make robotics more accessible to both young and old.

Besides the engagement in the championships and science, the team also participates in the public relations of the university. This year it was chosen as one of six representative projects of the university for the poster campaign for the university anniversary. Furthermore, the team participated in many events of the university and the department. They also supported three lectures.