Re-engineering and platform migration

Grown environments which are market leaders in their domain, usually have to face biggest challenges when dealing with technological advancement of platforms like databases, operating systems or runtime environments. Due to grown structures and increasing amounts of data, a change in architecture is often needed. Inherent risks of this undertaking can be minimised by proceeding in an orderly and well-planned fashion. Furthermore, changes in technology and architecture can also bear chances by including staff qualification and therefore keeping relevant know-how within the business up to date.

This technology transfer project in cooperation with PC CADDIE aims to develop a coordinated procedure for such changes, a procedure that gets implemented into the predictable advancement of the business. Additional goals are the further development of architecture for web services and their interplay with local services in regard to support and maintenance procedures.

Staff: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Matthias Riebisch, Tilmann Stehle

Cooperation partner: PC CADDIE GmbH