ODAKI – OpenData meets KI

The project “Open Data Innovations with Artificial Intelligence Methods” (ODAKI) examines possibilities and advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods for the development of innovative Open Data applications in the mobility area. AI methods have demonstrated their great potential for intelligent and user-adequat analysis and processing of large and heterogeneous data sets, for example in terms of semantic-based search or apps for image recognition. It is therefore interesting to examine, in a dedicated project, which applications of Open Data in the area of mobility data are feasible or can benefit from AI methods. As a result, sketches of concrete applications are presented, each with expected societal benefits, stakeholders, feasibility and, if necessary, research needs.

Project site: ODAKI

The project is funded by the Federal Department of Transportation and Digital Infrastructure (DTDI) as part of the research initiative mFUND. Since 2016, DTDI has been supporting the development of digital business ideas based on mobility, geo and weather data with mFUND.