NEW 4.0: North German Energy Transition

The program “Schaufenster Intelligente Energie – Digitale Agenda für die Energie Wende” (SINTEG) aims to develop and demonstrate scalable model solutions for a secure, economical and environmentally friendly energy supply in large “showcase regions”. The solutions found should serve as a model for a broad implementation, involving a large proportion of fluctuating power generation from wind and solar energy.

The showcase “NEW 4.0” consists of Hamburg as a large energy consumption area and Schleswig-Holstein as an important wind energy production area. “NEW” stands for Norddeutsche EnergieWende, “4.0” describes the threshold for the fourth industrial revolution.

The showcase aims to demonstrate that the entire region can be safely and reliably supplied with 70 percent renewable energy as early as 2025. A prerequisite for this is intelligent networking of all actors and components in the energy system, based on innovative digital processes and communication structures.

The project focuses on the analysis and evaluation of Sinteg Project NEW 4.0 documentation and the development of an activity tracking system. An overall project and program plan is developed and different project management concepts are analyzed and compared to keep track of the overall program plan. A selection of project management software tools will be put into operation on a trial basis and the functionality and handling will be compared.

These are the central tasks of this project:

  • Classification and analysis of the documents for the “Sinteg Project NEW 4.0”
  • Creation of an overall project plan with a Gantt chart and a network
  • Classification and analysis of project and program management concepts
  • Development of the project management system for the requirements of the “Sinteg project NEW4.0”
  • Reviewing and analyzing the project management software tools available on the market for an activity tracking system
  • Test operation of selected project management software tools