Information Register – portal for the implementation of the Transparency Law

The Hamburg Transparency Act came into force on 6 October 2012. §1 states: “The purpose of this law is to protect the interests of the public through a comprehensive right to information.

The information available to the authorities referred to in Article 2(3), while complying with the provisions of the protection of personal data, to make them directly accessible to the public and to disseminate them in order to promote the formation of democratic opinion and wills and to monitor governance acts.” Under §2 paragraph 3 almost all authorities are addressed. To implement this law, a web portal, the “Information Register” (Info-Reg), was designed and developed by the tax authorities in cooperation with HITeC, among others. As essential functions thereby the collecting (“harvest”/”Harvesten”) of existing documents and data from the authorities, the searchability from the Web portal and the machine access to the information objects are provided. This work belongs to the research area “Open-Gov-Data”.

In the project year 2018, HITeC supported the cultural authority in its further development

of the portal. For this purpose, concepts for the cooperation of developer and operation teams (DevOps) at different, partly public institutions were further developed on an organizational (e.g. cooperation processes) and technical level (e.g. for the cloud infrastructure). A special research topic was the integration of the new Open-Gov-Data standard into the portal. Furthermore, the full text search was improved by comparing the OCR-based texts with term databases.



Cooperation partners: Kulturbehörde Hamburg / Dataport AöR
Link: Transparenzgesetz Hamburg