Development of usable software – Usability-as-a-service (UAAS)

Usability-as-a-service is based on the BMWI-funded project “HALLO SME” (2014-2016), dealing with the goal-oriented integration of organisation counsel and usability competence within the process of software design, choice, adaptation and usage for software producers and users. First and foremost, adequate and user-friendly general processes had to be designed. As a particular sustainability measure for this project , a group of experts worked out the DIN SPEC 91328:2016-02 as part of the PAS-method, with the title “Resource preserving application of methods and tools for the user-focused creation of usable interactive IT systems”.

This DIN SPEC provides recommendations for methods and techniques for user-focused creation of interactive IT systems while taking into account business-individual and situational requirements, as well as different resource and competence infrastructure in the target organisation. The recommendations for the establishment of methods and techniques within this DIN SPEC target companies which want to inform themselves about tools and methods for the user-focused creation of interactive systems. The content of the DIN SPEC is usable across all fields and to be understood as a guideline.

In the course of 2016, actual projects have been conducted with AERIUS Marine GmbH and LH Industry Solutions GmbH & Co. KG.

Cooperation partners: AERIUS Marine GmbH / LH Industry Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
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