DaLLas – Intelligent algorithms for energy informatics

This project deals with the creation of a virtual power plant made from existing heat flow facilities.

Taking advantage of flexible heat flow power price rates, previously unused flexibility potential is set to be unlocked and utilised for load shifting, thus optimising the planning of energy usage. Furthermore, this flexibility potential shall be sold on current and upcoming energy marketplaces. The implementation is part of the EnBW pilot project “DaLLas” and is intended to support and facilitate the introduction of a smart heat flow rate as a product.

Cooperation partner: EnBW
Project site: www.haw-hamburg.de/cc4e/c4dsi

The following tasks were part of the project:

  • Designing and implementing a schedule for heat flow facilities based on dynamic price rates
  • Schedule regulation or adaptation for heat flow facilities during the course of a day
  • Self-learning heating demand determination for residential buildings
  • Design and realisation for balancing energy allocation with heat flow facilities
  • Design and creation of the IT infrastructure for the virtual power plant