Collective Audit Intelligence – Collective Intelligence for the surveillance of internal data and processes

Collective Audit Intelligence (CAI) is the collective intelligence for the surveillance of internal data and processes. CAI is a software product which can be used by accountants and auditors all over the world to examine their SAP processes, this way profiting from the collective examination know-how of all other SAP examiners. CAI is based on the recent software “zapliance” and iwill be developed within the three modular project phases “process modelling”, “pattern recognition” and “collective intelligence”. “Zapliance” is the result of many years of research at the University of Hamburg in cooperation with practice partners. “Zapliance” automates data-related revision work and increases efficiency. Zapliance GmbH was founded in 2015 on base of the software product “zapliance”.

HITeC is in charge of the scientific design of the CAI.

Cooperation partner: zapliance GmbH