SmartWalk – Privacy Compliant Intelligent Traffic Infrastructure

The Modernity Fund mFund from the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is funding the one-year HITeC project “SmartWalk” – privacy-compliant intelligent traffic infrastructure (funding code 19F1087A) [1,2].

The number of registered vehicles is increasing year by year, despite new, innovative traffic concepts. According to OECD road safety data, the number of cyclists killed in traffic has increased by 17.0% since 2010. So there is an urgent need to warn road users of potential road hazards.

The HITeC project “SmartWalk”, with its partners Natix, Bercman and Aric, therefore aims to develop an intelligent traffic infrastructure while protecting vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. In the project, a smart street sign for a crosswalk is equipped with an intelligent, data-protected camera system that uses innovative AI technologies. Using multisensor fusion of anonymized and interpreted data, the “SmartWalk” detects critical traffic situations and warns vulnerable road users. The pilot test is to be put into practice in Hamburg and Tartu. The standardized and processed data in the system can also support traffic planning and management.

[1] Short description
[2] Press Release

* Bercman