LexM – Encyclopedia of prosecuted musicians during Nazi rule

The “Encyclopedia of prosecuted musicians during Nazi rule” is a themed, biographical encyclopedia. The people listed in this encyclopedia have been or still are professional musicians who were victims of Nazi terror. The most important goal of “LexM” is to preserve the memory of those musicians that were exiled or had to endure other forms of repression.

The corresponding application is based on the framework “MyCoRe” which, after receiving no maintenance since 2011, was set to receive an update to its newest version. The idea was that the layout should be precisely based on the previous version, that all data should be transferred and all previous functionality should be recreated.

During the course of the project it turned out that the age of the previous application didn’t allow the planned transfer, therefore a completely new design of the system had to be accomplished.

After a very long internal trial period carried out by “LexM” staff in the first quarter of 2017, the old application has been successfully replaced by the new one.

Staff: Pascal Rost, Adam Glodek, Lothar Hotz

Cooperation partners:

  • Task force “Pursued musicians during Nazi rule”
  • Institute for Historic Music Science at the University of Hamburg

Projektseite: LexM