Computer Museum of the University of Hamburg

Since his retirement, Horst Oberquelle has built up a computer museum at the Department of Informatics, where one can see an interesting selection of revolutionary inventions such as the first mechanical calculators, table and pocket calculators, hardware by Konrad Zuse, or large mainframe computers. One can also observe the development of workplace systems and home computers or the development of means of communication and data transfer, such as Morse code, telegraphing, telephones and smartphones. Writing and printing is also covered, from the typewriter up to the laser printer. Data storage is another important theme of the museum. Some devices allow live presentations. Strong emphasis is also on innovation and design at Apple as well as the development of interaction techniques of mice, joysticks, trackballs and other peripheral devices.


Besides members of the Department, the museum also appeals to alumni associations, schools and the public. Prof. Oberquelle offers guided tours regularly. The museum is almost entirely funded by donations and thanks HITeC for helping to acquire of new and interesting exhibits.

Head: Prof. i.R. Dr. Horst Oberquelle